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Spine Metrics provides digital analysis of spine radiographs to measure structural integrity, functional efficiency and stability of the motion segment. For the cervical and lumbar regions the patient data is compared to normative data to detect loss of motion segment integrity as defined by the AMA Guides 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th editions. The data analysis used to determine ligament instability is consistent throughout these additions. Different states use or don’t use the Guides and its various editions as a reference in determining impairment. To see whether the Guides is mandated in your state, click to view our References: States recognizing AMA.


Digital Spinal Analysis


The x-rays will be evaluated by Dr. Raymond Wiegand. Dr. Wiegand has digitized in excess of 100,000 x-rays over the past 30 years. His work in digital analysis has been published in various peer reviewed journals. Dr. Wiegand will examine the x-rays for quality, perform image enhancements, identify the osseous landmarks, record the point locations and perform data analysis.


The reports you receive will include the data measurements used to test for the absence or presence of motion segment integrity as defined by the AMA Guides. Sample reports are available under References


Spine Metrics confirms and verifies the assessment procedure with Dr. Robert Peyster, MD, neuro-radiologist. Dr. Peyster confirms the absence or presence of ligament laxity.


Additional frontal and sagittal plane analyses are available to assess sectional views or in combination a full spine analysis.

These analyses assess structural integrity and functional efficiency. Each region of the spine is quantitatively and qualitatively assessed.  A summary of the data is illustrated on a treatment card. Recommended adjustments are also included.

Click to see our Digitizing Services page for further description and requirements. 


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